Manual Handling and Ergonomics

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1. What are the functions of the spine?
2. Which of the following is a manual handling operation?
3. Which of the following statements about manual handling is true?
4. Which of the following should be safest?
5. What is the best option for controlling manual handling risk?
6. What responsibility does an employee have with regard to manual handling?
7. What is the maximum weight you can carry according to the Manual Handling Operations Regulations?
8. What is the best position for the feet when raising a box from the floor to waist height?
9. Operators struggle to lift a 70 kg load from their work bench onto the floor. What would be the best manual handling solution?
10. Which of the following workers has the highest risk of manual handling injury?
11. An operator is twisting to pick up chair legs and feed it into a machine. What advice would you give them?